Back to the Buc: High School Reunion


This past weekend was my 10-year high school reunion, and let’s just say I didn’t know what to expect. There are so many emotional feelings concerning high school reunions. Who will be there (ex-boyfriends, bullies), who will be happily married, divorced, have kids? Honestly, I didn’t want to go because of the unexpected. I used to hate putting myself out there because I honestly, didn’t talk to many people in high school, but I went and I’ll tell you what I learned.


Time doesn’t stop

Seriously, cannot believe that 10 years have passed since I’ve been in high school. Like where has the time gone? Before I attended the reunion I didn’t want to go because what I’ve experienced in the last 10 years, specifically the last year. I’ve had some serious life experiences that I didn’t want to share or make small talk with anyone. Plus, who wants to go back in time and re-live their past? Well, I didn’t until I did. Your life experiences don’t freeze time. Time continues whether you want it to or not. That makes me sad in a way because reliving the past makes you think about what you should’ve changed or maybe what was missed. I can never get those 10 years back, so what have I accomplished? These questions come up often. If you aren’t traveling the world on a yacht or showing your “love” on Facebook, then you’ve lost, right? Wrong. Yes, time passing is inevitable, but your accomplishments aren’t focused on time. I’m not necessarily living the dream, but I’m proud of where I’m at this point in my life. I’m not looking backward or forward, I’m present in the moment and that’s what’s important.

Put yourself there

It has taken me over 10 years to put myself out there. Looking back requires analyzing who you were back then, how you treated others, and how you treated yourself. I was always the shy, awkward black girl (still am to some point) in high school, but when you go “back” in time and see where you were, I couldn’t be happier with how I am now. Let’s just say I’m glad that I’ve grown and matured as a woman and I’m not completely the same person. The eye-opening experience of walking down the hallways as a “different” person was hilarious. I thought those care-free years were so smothering and stressful that life passed so quickly, and I didn’t get chance to enjoy high school because of fear.  My focus was just on getting the best grades (which I don’t regret, but I do at the same time). The fear of failure messed me up a lot in high school, which caused me to not participate in a lot. I never put myself out there, and I continued to stay in my comfort zone. Looking back I’m mad that I did that. It took 10 years to learn that nothing good comes in my comfort zone. Nothing. If you’re awkward continue to be that, but don’t just remain stagnant. We only have one life to live so LIVE it. Stop focusing on fear and mistakes. Do it. Whatever it may be. Far-fetched from my 18- year-old ways of thinking.


Good to go home

I’m glad that I left home for college. I think it’s important to sometimes leave home and learn what else the world has to offer that can’t be found in your “bubble.” When you’re young and want to leave your family to “grow up” you sometimes forget what leaving home means. Home is literally your place of refuge, where you can go when everything falls apart and a break from reality is needed. Sometimes we don’t want to take a trip down memory lane because the past isn’t always good. Everyone should take a walk down memory lane even if there have been bad experiences, you’ll find that you came out a better person. I know I have and I’m glad that there’s no place like home.


I had fun Barbe Class of 2007! See ya’ll in 10 more years!


Leave me a comment letting me know how you plan to step out of your comfort zone!

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  1. Rianna Bass
    January 27, 2018 / 6:06 am

    My sentiments EXACTLY Right on the ball with this one! I shared the same feeling going back home, but I was happy to reconnect with ALL my bucs!

    • NaturallyNex
      January 27, 2018 / 4:20 pm

      Aww Rianna! I’m so glad to hear I wasn’t the only one feeling like this. Our reunion definitely made 2017 better! So glad I got to see y’all all too 🙂

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