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self love
So, I’ve been on a journey of loving myself more for months now. I recently turned 29 and I find that once people hit their late 20s; specifically, 29 they freak out! “What have I done, what am I doing, with my life!” It’s funny because I’ve been like that since I’ve been about 14 years old.


Sounds crazy, right? Yeah, at 14 years old I would tell my mom how I wasn’t doing enough, and how more could be done. Literally, I would cry because I felt like I wasn’t living up to “my” purpose. Ya’ll this was at 14! I was in middle school, still living with my mom, getting good grades, and just starting my first job; yet I felt incomplete.

self love


It’s a shame how growing up so fast is something we all want at a young age. Once we’ve grown up, we look back on our lives and have many regrets because we’ve wished our youth away. Now, that I’m 29, and have been through some major life issues, I’m choosing to “be cool.”


Some might say this has happened backwards, and maybe it has but for me, I feel like I’ve always been so hard on myself. So now it’s just time to trust where God is bringing me. I like where this time in my life is bringing me. I’m finally finding out that it’s ok to just be cool. Ask anyone who’s known me longer than 5 years, they’ll say how much more easygoing I am.

self love

I’ve accepted that being cool means letting go. Letting go of feeling like something always needs to be done. Letting go of what doesn’t make sense. I think life becomes more enjoyable when you can let go. I don’t have any New Year’s Resolutions for myself but if I have one goal, it would be to not be so hard on myself. Laugh at my mistakes.


If you’re there yet, don’t worry. This takes time and much failure. I’m still learning on a daily basis, but I’ve found out that it’s okay to just be cool.



Let me know in the comments how you’re “being cool” this in 2018! Let’s help each other out.

self love


Until next time ya’ll! Peace X LOVE


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