How to remain Positive: When the world is crashing!

How to remain positive: When the world is crashing!

Life. Adulting. When one thing goes wrong, it all goes wrong. And it’s so easy to remain defeated when the walls around you are crumbling down. It’s easy to remain in the struggle because coming out is after-all the tough part, right? Trust me, I speak from much experience. In this post, I’ll suggest some ideas that can keep you positive even when it seems like there is nothing to smile about.

How to remain positive: When the world is crashing!If this ain’t the truth! (Yes, I know grammar. But who cares)


Start: A Gratitude Journal

Right now grab a pen and some paper and write down everything that you are grateful for. Literally, I want you to write it down right now! Your life or situation may not be where you want it to be right now. But I’m sure you can find multiple things (situations) that you’ve been ignoring that are going good. Hey, if you are reading this right now- write down that you can see. That you can read! I’m telling you this has helped me so much. Give it a try!

Stop: Being a people pleaser

This has been one of the hardest things for me to overcome in my adult life. Why? Because I love to see people happy. I love to see people happier than me. If I can make somebody smile, then my purpose is fulfilled, but is it really? No, it’s not. STOP trying to make everyone else happy before yourself. It’s dangerous ground to play on. It’ll easily lead you to depression 101. You are important too. Your happiness matters, and just because you’re now focused on your happiness doesn’t mean anyone else’s is less significant. Just now, in this moment you are focusing on you.


“Turning Negative Energy into Positive Energy is the key to a Happy Life”

Start: Encouraging others

This may sound a little strange. Like why is she telling us to encourage others, when I myself need encouragement? Especially when she just said stop being a people pleaser. Well, I don’t want you to put others happiness before yourself, but you should try to help encourage someone when you can. Think about it. You need encouragement but once you reach down and pick someone else up, how does that make you feel? I hope you’ll say good. Encouraging others will lead to them smiling, which will make you smile as well. Helping someone else is the best.


Stop: Self Doubt

So, you’re doubting your gifts huh? Yes, I’ve been there and to be honest, I’m still there. It’s all a learning process. You’re human and if you’re not doubting your gifts and talents then something is wrong. We all go through it but it’s how we handle self-doubt that will bring us out. Self-doubt will keep you static. You are special. You do have talents no other person has. You will get it done. But you must first start.


Start: Living in the moment

My mom always used to tell us that “tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone” I’m sure you’ve heard that too. So, why aren’t we living this one life we have to the fullest?! Focus in on how you can make yourself happy TODAY. Tomorrow doesn’t count because it isn’t here. Start living today or have regrets tomorrow.


Guys and girls trouble doesn’t last always they only last for a season! If you’re in a troubling season, stay encouraged. It will get better. I hope you have found these tips helpful! Leave a comment to let me know!


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