You can have kids in your 30s: Stop asking me to have them

You can have kids in your 30s: Stop asking me to have them

Aren’t my twin nieces cute!


Dating: When are ya’ll going to get married and have some kids?

Marriage: When are you guys going to have kids?

Still married but traveling: Don’t ya’ll need to slow down, and stop living married life to have some kids you are almost 30!

I’m not alone

I know I’m not the only know who has either heard these remarks or that WILL hear this remarks. I’m tired. Seriously, I’m so tired of feeling like as a married 27- year-old woman that I SHOULD have children right now. Or that I’m late with having children. There’s this plan that most people have that once you’re married you’re immediately supposed to plan for kids, hey if you’re that type of person, great! I’m not. Don’t get me wrong I love children (didn’t always) but I do. I just don’t need anyone telling me that I need to have them because, well, I’m almost 30.

Age ain’t nothing but a number

Ok, there can be some complications with children after 35 blah blah (not saying I don’t take risks seriously, but hey, if I’m supposed to have a baby after 35. It will happen, if not, then it won’t). My mom had me at 39, and this is after doctors’ told her she wouldn’t be able to have kids. For once can I be told enjoy being 27 without having kids?


My friends are having kids

I’m not drinking the water (just yet). All of my friends have kids, and I’m happy for them, but that doesn’t mean that I need to follow them. The crazy thing is that in the past I believed that everyone was having kids,  and I should be too. I felt so guilty that I wasn’t “giving” my husband a child (my husband wasn’t pressuring me to have kids and still isn’t). I put this in my own mind. Crazy? I know! You can be happy for your friends having children without having kids of your own.

I’m still having fun

If you have kids don’t take “I’m still having fun” out of context, ok? I just mean, that having kids is a full-time job, and I’m still trying to figure myself out. Who said Rome was built in a day? I still have so much that I’ve yet to accomplish before putting kids in the mix.


Kids are expensive

THIS!!! I’ve helped raise my niece, and she was a preemie who required multiple hospital visits. Not just that, this was my first-born niece, so we spent and spent and spent on her. So, let’s just say she’s so spoiled now lol. I don’t regret it and most definitely won’t regret it with my own kids, but can I please have time to get my coins up! My husband will tell you that I’m expensive! lol So, me + children = Lawd have mercy!


Stop feeling pressured to have kids when everyone else says that you should. You’re not left behind because you don’t have kids yet. If you’re someone telling or even asking, “When are you going to have kids, ” then stop. It’s annoying and it adds unneeded stress.


*If I get pregnant after this post we can all laugh, and know that God’s plan isn’t our plan* 🙂 


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