Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth


I saw that quote the other day, and needless to say I busted out laughing. Although it’s funny there is sooo much truth behind it. I’ve always been a realist that lives my life to the fullest but sometimes I feel sorry for myself. I’m human (hate when people say that-but whatever). Living is hard. We all have problems. But your mind is a powerful thing. We can control our thoughts. We can change our mindsets. So, why don’t we?


It’s easy to give up (walk away)

Giving up is the easiest thing you can do when life or situations get hard. Essentially running from your issues will give you more issues. Ask yourself this: If everything was given to you in life, would it still be worth it? There is something about working hard for something and not giving up that makes obtaining it all the worthwhile. SO… Stop running.



Fear is so crippling! Fear has kept me from pursing a lot because the “idea” of failure. That’s right, the idea of failure will cut your life short. The idea of what could happen will keep you from going forward. Change is scary and we want everything to remain the same. When that doesn’t happen then we question everything (Why me?!).


It’s hard

This is the biggest excuse that we tell ourselves. Changing our mindset is hard. Being positive is hard. No, being negative should be hard. I always try to look at a “hard” situation that I’m given and think about what someone else is going through. Yes, my situation is hard BUT look at “Jane” she’s really going through a lot. Yes, this is easier said than done but once you coach your mind to think like this, it gets easier.


You can control and change your thoughts. I’m glad to say I’m getting there. Keep smiling. Be encouraged. This too shall pass.


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