How to care for your natural hair this Fall



It’s officially Fall and that means you need to prepare your natural hair for the cooler temperatures. If you’ve been neglecting your regimen this past Summer, well, that’s ok, but Fall is one season that you want your regimen to be on point. Here’s how I prepare my hair for the Fall.


Deep condition

Deep Conditioning is essential in any regimen, but especially if you’ve been neglecting do it. During the Fall using a deep conditioner at least once a week (if you can do more the better) will keep those strands hydrated from the harsh elements. Need help with picked one, here is 10 deep conditioners for the fall. 


Pre-Pooing is applying a conditioner or oil before shampooing your hair. During other seasons, I don’t pre-poo, but during Fall it’s helpful! If you’re experiencing knots, or your hair is extremely dry and you want to add some type of moisture before washing then pre-pooing is a great option. Apply the oil or conditioner with a plastic cap (bag) to your hair for at least an hour, this loosens knots,etc.

 Give your ends extra TLC

Once you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, it’s time to apply the styler, I’m not sure if it’s just me but the ends of my hair are the driest in the Fall. If this is you as well, try applying your shea butter or your styler of choice to the ends first then the rest of your hair (apply extra).

Co-wash or Wash

If you are shampooing twice a week or more than replace that with a co-wash (favorite co-wash/conditioner). In the Fall using mostly conditioning shampoos is best, avoid clarifying shampoos unless there is a lot of build up because it can be drying.


Leave-in Conditioner

If your hair is extra dry, applying a leave-in prior to your styler will help keep your hair hydrated.


Satin Bonnet

If you’re like me, wearing cotton beanies and hats are perfect for when I don’t feel like doing my hair in the Fall. The only issue with this is that cotton causes friction and will cause breakage if placed directly on your hair. If you’re going to wear any form of cotton make sure that you put a satin bonnet under it. Your hair will be protected while still looking cute!



If you notice your hair seems a little dry after the 3rd day spritz some water or add more leave-in conditioner. If applying water apply a little oil after to seal in the moisture. This will combat any dryness that occurs and will prevent breakage during the week.


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