My Hair Story

So, I transitioned.




My hair has been through a journey! The latest I can remember back to having natural hair is about  12 years old. I got my hair pressed aka hot combed most of my adolescent life.








During those times I knew nothing about perms, or putting any other chemical into hair; all I knew was I hated getting my hair pressed. My scalp felt like it was being burned off, little did I know what the “real burn” would be years later.








RED SHIRTIn July 2000, I had enough of the hot comb, and I wanted to find something new that would get my natural hair straighten. By this time, I knew what perms or relaxers were because my mom would get them all the time.


In January of 2001, is when I started getting perms put into my hair. I thought that getting my hair pressed burned, I was wrong, I sat in the beauticians chair as she put the mayo looking substance on my hair. Now known as “Creamy Crack.”

It wasn’t until March 2012 that I had enough with getting relaxers, and my head being on fire. 





So, I transitioned.  I Never looked back. I love my natural hair.