Why Coconut Oil is still Bae


Coconut oils

Remember when coconut oil was poppin? I mean everyone jumped on the “coconut oil bandwagon.” If you weren’t using it, then something was wrong. It wasn’t just used for the hair, but it became a substitute for lotion. Let’s not forget the “oil pulling” trend. Does that really work? I don’t know but coconut oil was the secret sauce to healing after a break-up, so what happened?


Coconut Oils



I don’t hear much about the use of coconut oil any longer. Did everyone stop using it? I understand how trends start and end, but coconut oil is still my boo. It’s like Beyonce stopped using it and it’s all of a sudden nonexistent. Listen, stop following the crowd, and stick with what works for you.


It works

Like I said, stick with what works for you, and not someone else. I get asked over and over why their hair regimen isn’t working and the simple answer is they aren’t being consistent. You used coconut oil for 2 years, and now it’s jojoba oil, which many of you don’t know how to pronounce. lol  Don’t break something that doesn’t need fixing.


Health Issues

I realize that coconut oil has great benefits, but for some it can’t be used  because of various health issues. For others coconut oil just stopped being effective. If this is the case for you, please check out this video by Naptural85.


I still love to use coconut oil on my natural hair and occasionally my skin. I don’t use it as much as I did but it’s still bae. Let me know in the comments if you still use Coconut Oil and if not, tell me why. 

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