Damage is not the reason your hair isn’t growing


NOPE. Not trying to be shady. Butttttt…..

Can I be honest? Like seriously, can we have a moment of being real because it’s needed. Ok? Good. There are multiple reasons your hair isn’t growing like you want it to. There are the giveaways that everybody goes to which is, damage. Well, if you’re looking at your hair right now it’s probably not damaged (some may have damage) so why isn’t it growing girl!



You’re always looking at your girlfriend’s hair and wishing it was yours. I told ya’ll I wanted to be real. So let’s just keep it that way. She has long natural hair that doesn’t have too much shrinkage, while your curls are so tight they don’t even look like curls. Hm. Soo, her hair is better than yours, right?                                                            


NO. You just have the wrong mine set. Stop focusing on other naturals hair. Please. It won’t get the results that you want.


Not Patient

You’ve heard it before, have patience! Ugh. Just about in everything in life. Trust me I’m still learning, especially with my hair. Will it ever be the length I want? Why has it been 2 months and it’s still the same length?

You are constantly doing “length checks,” girl stop. Maybe you need to wear a protective style so you can stop seeing if it grew every 2 days.


No Regimen

You washed your hair, deep conditioned, the whole 9 yards, like two weeks ago. You just don’t feel like doing your hair consistently.

You HAVE to have a hair regimen! You have to be consistent! You can’t just say I want to do my hair this week but next I don’t. Doesn’t work like that. Check your lazy natural self at the door. Create a regimen, if you don’t know how here’s a way. (Shameless plug, I know 🙂 but it has how to create regimen).


 Let me know how you feel about this in the comments.



Kineatra Jones, MS founder & editor of NaturallyNex.com. She has a passion for educating women on all things natural: hair, beauty, and life. NaturallyNex.com was created in August 2015 to share and connect with woman who have a passion for natural hair and beauty. Overtime NaturallyNex has evolved into a  beauty, lifestyle and  entertainment blog. Kineatra is focused on discussing natural hair, beauty, fashion, and travel as well as providing encouragement to others.


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