I don’t use LOC Method anymore

You know how when everyone went natural, well, everyone went NATURAL!  Everyone wanted to know what products to use to make their hair grow like the next natural. Come on, be honest, you were once at that stage where you wanted to try every product that someone else had because it worked! Well, it worked for them. Then, we all jumped on the regimen bandwagon where we needed to find out what worked! That’s where the LOC  and LCO method came in. For those who are truly new to the natural hair care world: Liquid Oil Cream, Liquid Cream Oil. These methods are a way to keep natural hair moisturized. My personal go to was the Liquid Cream Oil method for years, until I wasn’t. I don’t use any of these methods any longer but here’s what I do.

Liquid OC

What’s the liquid? Water, leave-in, aloe vera juice, rose-water, mineral water, God’s water (just saying) is still needed. Natural hair still needs liquid in order to thrive or else it will break off because our hair is naturally dry. So I’m not saying I stopped using any form of a liquid, if I did, you’ll see me running around here bald-headed. I’m saying that I follow my own steps/methods. When you’ve been natural for years like I have, you’ll start to learn what your hair loves and what it doesn’t. The method I used while transitioning has stopped working for my hair. This means that my natural hair is in a new phase and it my regimen needs to be switched up.  Whether my regimen is consistent or not it will still happen, but what remains consistent is that I still use a liquid. So don’t become shingy on whatever liquid that you choose your hair will thank you.


Oil C

Coconut, Grape seed, Castor, Olive oil YOU NAME IT! ( I feel like Shirley Ceasar) lol Anyways,  naturals use oils to “seal” in moisture. Listen! I was the first in line to try whatever oil out there, if it was going to keep my hair moisturized. One day after washing my hair I didn’t feel like completing my whole regimen (LOC), so I didn’t. I left the oil out and you know what happened? Nothing. So, I kept leaving the oil out each time I washed my hair and the results were the same. This doesn’t go to say that I feel like my hair doesn’t need oil at all, it does, but just not in the same way. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know natural hair or should I say our scalp produces a natural oil known as Sebum? Well, it does, so shout out to God for letting my scalp produce its own oil.



Lastly, there’s the cream or my choice, hair butter. This is probably currently the most essential part to my regimen. Most creams/ butters have a natural oil within the product, which is another reason I don’t use oil. The cream sets your styles and what holds in the moisture from the liquid. I still use the C because just having liquid isn’t enough to keep my hair moisturized.


My LC Method

Basically follow your own rules to natural hair care. If you’ve been natural for a while then you know what works best for your hair. If you’re newly natural there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with different methods or products, just don’t become set on something because someone else is using or doing it. It may not work for your hair. That’s it. So, I’m going to stick to my LC method for now but who knows my hair may want to add the O back in one day.



Let me know in the comments how your regimen has changed throughout the years! Peace


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