Why I stopped Shampooing in the Shower


Why I Stopped shampooing my hair in the Shower


Now I didn’t completely stop.  Shampoo is necessary, right? Well, for those who don’t shampoo and prefer co-washing, just follow my drift. I’m still washing the shampoo out in the shower, but I’ve start the process (applying the shampoo) outside of the shower. Normally, I section my hair into 4 sections hop in the shower, and from there shampoo it out, can we say WORK OUT! Seriously, it takes forever.  Then, I move on to the next process, once again IN THE SHOWER. Guys, seriously, I couldn’t do it anymore, here’s why:


I spent more time in the shower than with my husband

You’re laughing. But seriously, just think about how much time you spend  on/with your regimen. Well, if you’re doing your regimen right, it should take about 2 -3 hours to get everything done. Now if it’s a protein treatment week, you might as well add another hour or so onto that – don’t get me started!


Clogged drain

Now before you say get one of those hair drain catcher things (lol somebody please tell me the real name), my shower just doesn’t work like that. I have this twisty-turn knob for my drain, and it doesn’t come off. And I just don’t want to mess my whole shower up, ok?! lol But seriously, It’s too much.


It’s hot!

If you can start the process outside of the shower you should (apply water and shampoo/other product). The shower is too hot and small of a space and I’m not here for it. Like I said my regimen takes a while, and who wants to be in the shower that long. About time I’m done with my regimen, I’ll need to jump right back in from all the sweating.


Waste of water

Now I’m speaking to the bill paying adults here. Paying any bill is the worse, especially when they’re extremely HIGH. Just think about your regimen (2-3hrs), how many gallons of water are we using for this process? I may sound ridiculous to some-but if I can save money where I can, then I will. You should too.


I’m thinking about going back to washing my hair in the sink. Only problem with that is I can never wash all of the product out. Let me know if you have any alternatives to shower washing. Also….

Let me know if you plan to stop shampooing in the shower.






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