Should you trim on wet or dry hair?

should you trim wet or dry?

Remember those days where you hated to get a trim because, well, you thought you would lose good length. Now we’re learning that if you don’t trim, there will be trouble retaining length. If the damage isn’t removed it will travel up the hair shaft causing breakage that may be hard to recover from. Trimming will not only retain hair length but it will be beneficial for healthier hair.

Trim on dry or wet hair?

Blow out

Freshly trimmed on dry hair


Freshly trimmed on wet hair

That is the ever ending question that I’m continually asked. My answer is that it depends on preference. But there are definitely benefits and cons to doing both. If you are trimming on wet hair it is more convenient because you have just washed it, which in turn will cause less manipulation. The cons of trimming on wet hair is an inaccurate cut, you may be cutting off more undamaged hair. Why? Because our hair shrinks, so once it’s dry and you want to straighten it, you may end up with one side uneven. With dry hair you’ll have a more accurate cut, because your hair is in a stretched state, where you can see the damage first-hand. But trimming on dry hair causes a lot of manipulation as well because of the process of stretching using combs, and blow dryers.

I’ve trimmed using both methods, which both produced good results probably because I take my time during the process.  I’ll say that trimming on wet hair works best for me because I like less manipulation due to using tools. It also keeps me consistent because my hair always wet, so I know I can just trim if needed; whereas, my hair isn’t always stretched. You get my drift? But in the end do what’s best for your hair! Test out both wet & dry cuts.
A trim in general is what’s best for your hair whether on wet or dry hair. Stop being scared of “losing length” now that you’re completely natural, this mind set stunt any growth you have. So grab those scissors and get to cutting!



Let me know if you try on wet or dry hair!

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