Traveling: 3 Road trip Essentials

3 road trip essentials


If you are taking a road trip this Summer you want to make sure that you have everything that you need! There is nothing worse than being stuck in the car for hours without the essentials.

Here are my must haves for the road:



Snacks are #1 on my road trips! I hate to stop for anything including food! Bringing a big ice chest full of snacks will make your life/trip a whole lot easier!  Just don’t forget the snacks!


Phone Chargers

You’ll need your phone in case something goes wrong (something always does) during your trip. Bring your portable phone chargers or the revolt, which plugs right into your car!  Make sure your portable chargers as well as your phone are fully charged before you hit the road. Because if you’re a “passenger driver” like myself, then you’ll need to check what’s going on online.


Auto Club Membership

I love AAA so much! I’ve been known to get a flat tire or have my car overheat. Hey, it happens! And if it does, you don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road. Before you go on vacation make sure you sign up at and get a membership. Trust me it will be worth it!




Don’t forget to have fun! Tell me in the comments your next road trip!

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